Just Add Bubbles

They are easy to make!

They are fun!

They are happy little memory makers!



I am talking about bubbles. It is easy to be in a good mood when bubbles are present! A fun project to do with a child, or group of children, is make homemade bubbles.

In a clean bowl, mix together: water, corn syrup, and liquid Dawn (recipe below). Other liquid detergents could be used for the bubble mix recipe, but I’ve found Dawn makes the best bubbles.

Recycled materials can be used as containers for each child’s individual bubble kit. Children can decorate their containers. Pour the bubble mix into clean containers like plastic bottles or plastic jars (e.g., from yogurt or other food items). Pipe cleaners and/or plastic spoons with holes could be created to dip into the container and into the bubble mix… and then blow.

Watch bubbles float through air.

Watch as children try to catch and pop the bubbles.

Watch your children have fun making memories through the universal language of bubbles.

Bubble Mix Recipe:
6 cups of water
1 cup of corn syrup
2 cups of Dawn liquid