“Would I be bad parent if I threw this away?” If you are a parent, you may have asked yourself a question like this. Or maybe I’m the only one who has questioned myself when deciding what to keep and what to toss. I’m talking about artwork. Can or should we keep everything our children make? There are only so many things to do with kid artwork. Or is there?

Before tossing that masterpiece, see if one of these might work…

  • Frame the art to hang on the wall at your child’s eye level

  • Make a calendar of your child’s art

  • Put the art in a storage bin under the bed

  • Turn the art into a coffee mug

  • Make a scrapbook from the art

  • Use the art for your holiday cards to highlight your child’s work

  • Put it on the refrigerator to make an art gallery

  • Display 3D art (e.g., pottery, soap sculptures, etc.) in the home

  • Use the art to give a gift to someone

  • Collect the art for a portfolio

  • Take a digital photo of the art and make an e-portfolio

  • Tape art to the windows around the house

  • Make stationery out of your child’s art

  • Have an art show in your backyard where you celebrate the artist…all attendees can leave with some art

Do you have any ways you like to archive children's artwork? Please share. I’m starting to run out of ideas. Help!

Painting a wooden birdhouse

Painting a wooden birdhouse