The Cancel-er

It was Kevin’s birthday on the day his teacher was out and I stepped in to cover for her. This wasn’t my first time in "Ms. Cayman's" Kindergarten classroom. She requested me whenever she needed a substitute teacher.

Kevin arrived with a giant Tupperware container full of his Mom's homemade cupcakes. During lunch Kevin passed out his cupcakes to each of his classmates. When lunch was over all the kids went out to recess except for the birthday boy. He asked me if he could go to the office and pass out the remaining cupcakes. I said "yes" and off he went.

When he returned to the classroom, his container was empty. He placed it in his cubby and went out to the playground to join the rest of the kids for recess. I ate lunch in the classroom and finished getting everything ready for the afternoon. It was a wonderful class and I felt good about the note I left the teacher that evening when I was done. I locked up the classroom and went to the office to turn in my key and sign out.

The principal invited me into his office. I worried what could be wrong. This was unusual. He asked, “How did your day go?"

“Fine," I said. "I was teaching for Ms. Cayman today. The kids were great. Things went smoothly. Nothing out of the ordinary. Why do you ask?”

“Well because of a situation with Kevin during lunch,” answered the principal.

Oh dear did something bad happen? The principal began...    

Kevin approached the secretary and asked if she would like a cupcake. The answer was yes and he gave her one.

Kevin then asked the secretary, “Can I give a cupcake to the vice principal?” She said yes and Kevin went to give one to the VP.

“Can I give a cupcake to the principal?” asked Kevin. The answer was yes and he gave me a cupcake.

“Can I give a cupcake to the nurse?" asked Kevin. When the answer was yes, he delivered a cupcake to the school nurse two doors down from the secretary’s desk. He had one cupcake left.

“Can I give the last cupcake to the cancel-er?”asked Kevin.

“The school counselor is out on the playground. He has recess duty. He will be back in the office later,” responded the secretary.

“No. Can I give a cupcake to the cancel-er?” requested Kevin.

“Kevin, honey, the counselor has recess duty,” she explained.

He clarified, “No, you don’t understand. Not the counselor. I want to give a cupcake to the cancel-er. You know...the one who cancels school when it snows outside. I want to give my last cupcake to the snow cancel-er.”