Summer Reading Triathlon

“Everything you need is already inside.” ~Coach Bill Bowerman of the University of Oregon

Do you enjoy going to a bookstore in the summer? Is it the free WI-FI? Is it the cold and caffeinated dessert drinks? Is it the air conditioned aisles of books and magazines? If you have kids, it could be the summer reading program.

For 20 years, Barnes & Noble has been running their summer reading programs. This summer they are hosting a Summer Reading Triathlon from now until the end of August. Kids read three books of their choice, and write in a Summer Reading Triathlon Journal. The Triathlon journals are available in English and en Español. When kids bring their completed journals to the store, they receive a free book from Barnes & Noble. The list of free books is printed on the journal.

The Triathlon program has an 8-page guide for educators complete with activity sheets and ideas for encouraging kids to read.

Readers can take part in voting in two categories: (1) their favorite literary hero, and/or (2) favorite literary place using Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals to indicate their preference.

Closing ceremonies are planned for August 27th at 11am at stores nationwide where results of the voting will be shared, and kids can earn their own trophy. For more information about the Summer Reading Triathlon, check out the link.


Statue of legendary Coach Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon.

Statue of legendary Coach Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon.