Adding More PLAY in Your Day

It can be a challenge to get enough PLAY in your day when you feel overwhelmed, overextended, or overworked. Here are some indicators that you may need to play more.

Rocks from Puget Sound in Seattle, WA.

Rocks from Puget Sound in Seattle, WA.

Top Ten Signs You Need More Play

  1. The last pleasurable book you read was Facebook.

  2. It is your parents’ anniversary. You order them a basket of fruits online from Harry & David, but don’t recognize you are in the bereavement section. When it gets delivered to them they receive their apples and oranges in a beautiful basket with a white ribbon that says the word: “Condolences.” Can’t wait to see what they get for the 50th wedding anniversary.

  3. You try to make a phone call and realize you’re operating the remote control to the television.

  4. You do not feel like “family” anymore at the Olive Garden.

  5. You go to pick up your knitting to make your kid’s teacher a pair of socks for her birthday only to find you’re using #2 pencils instead of #2 knitting needles. Good thing the yarn is gray.

  6. Your sweet tooth says “I wanna,” but your wisdom tooth says “no way.”

  7. Your future tripping is so out of hand that your  <fill in the blank>    (fortune teller, therapist, hairdresser, barista, MOPS leader, other) asks if you want a punch card for future discounts. Boy she sure can be snarky!

  8. Your best friend tells you a secret and asks you to keep it on the D.L. You thought she said “deal” and you congratulate her savvy shopping at T.J. Maxx.

  9. You accidentally wear your partner’s underwear and discover while sitting at a light on your way to work that the Fruit of the Looms fit better than yours.

  10. The Snapfish order has arrived in the mail. You complete several scrapbook pages before figuring out that it is not your family in the pictures. You’ve just scrapbooked your neighbor’s family.


What your score means

If you answered YES:

0 times = Wow, you really have things figured out. You are doing a fine job getting enough play in your life, and managing the whole work and life balance. Good for you!

1-2 times = You might be a little stressed out. But overall things are fine.

5 times or more = You might be overwhelmed with the balancing act thing that is life. Go get a massage! Now!

Just like children, we need play in our daily life. All work and no play…well you know. President Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Play can help you reach your best. Take time to play more! President’s orders! Oops, I meant doctors’ orders!