Ribbon Wands & Hand Kites

Homemade toys can save money, and show children the joy of creativity. A preschool teacher made my daughter this pair of green ribbon wands (pictured below). The wands are made of wooden dowels, ribbons, and electrical tape.

The ribbon wands are fun, but there may be safety concerns for some young children. To modify the wands, create hand kites to give kids the same opportunity for movement and expression as the wands. For children with emerging gross motor skills, the hand kites can be a useful modification.

There are many different ways to make hand kites. My hand kite recipe calls for silk scarves and bracelets.

To make: cut the scarf into long strips to fit the bracelet. Tie the scarf strips to the bracelet and VOILA! You have repurposed your accessories to create a new toy for children with a range of abilities.

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” ~Lauren Bacall